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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Play Group Year end Christmas party

Yet again we are entering into our Festive Season and end-of-year-functions are looming in the air. Its quite exciting though... I love Christmas and all the smells and tastes that come with it.
Once a week on a Friday morning 7 of us moms meet together to let our young toddlers play and be free. It gives us an excuse to get out, to chat and for our little darlings to roam free and play with some friends. It's really very cute to watch them interact and play, or bash themselves over the head with a toy- either way it's adorable to say the least. They learn from each other and steel toys and food from each other, and best of all make friends!
Last Friday we had our Christmas party where we drew names out of a hat and had to buy one child a present of a controlled amount, so each one gets something and and gives something. There was food (for the children), which didn't stay on the table long, they either stuffed their faces or it landed on the floor. Toddlers are quite well known for that! The point is they had fun, and enjoyed pigging out, with all that food- some healthy and some.. not so healthy, and had a blast!

The beautiful children already binging on the food- hogging the table :) So cute

Moms and children enjoying a chat or two. Amazing how we always gather around food :D

Unwrapping presents is so much fun!! we got some nice sippy cups and beautiful bowls, wooden toys and even books. All very exciting!

All the Moms and Babes. We are a happy bunch!

Christmas hats here we come!!!

It's always exciting to celebrate Christmas, and to teach our children the real reason behind all the gift giving and sharing: Jesus Christ our Savior was Born!
So spread the word and Start the Season with a smile!

Until next time, enjoy your TinyTot and remember: Motherhood is a gift to be cherished!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Princess Party

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Life has happened: between planning and executing the party, being sick, having a sick Child and just being mom, I have completely missed out on writing I have really missed it. But I'm back now.. Hallelujah!
My darling Princess Princess's Party occurred on a Sunday afternoon on a sunny but windy day. We had loads of fun with family and friends and Ava's little friends from pay group; beautiful presents and cake and and and...It was a special day to say the least. Celebrating a happy and special day for an extraordinary little girl.

Ava showing off her beautiful party dress... The Birthday Girl in suiting attire

One of my proud moments: the cake I made with my two bare hands. A red devils chocolate cake with vanilla icing and a soft pink fondant (or better plastic icing) layer with Princess cut outs and and crown to top it off. best 1st Birthday Cake i think :)

Cupcakes. Need I say more?

The Party Packs filled with sweets and goodies for the lovely kiddies!

The decor. Pretty in Pink, White and black.

Eating a chippy and playing with her new toys. how lovely!

Singing Happy Birthday to our darling!

All in all the party was a fun-filled event that expressed love and fondness for a new One Year Old. we ate lots of cake, Cupcakes, little cucumber sandwiches and sweets: Everything a princess would eat! A few weeks later she plays with her new presents and is wearing all her new clothes that make her look even more beautiful.

preparing a First Birthday is lots of fun but can be quite daunting as its your first time creating an event marked not for yourself but for your new member of the family. So, if you are planning a party for your child: Have fun and go all out! the only turn that age once :)

Until next time, enjoy your TinyTot and remember: Motherhood is a gift to be cherished!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Miss copycat...

Every morning when Ava wakes up we bring her into our bed and I feed her her morning dose of milk and we cuddle. During her playing she tries to wake up her very sleepy but appreciative of the attention Dad. It's really very cute as she coo's and calls for her "Dadada". He of course is very happy and enjoys the cooing and love that he gets. an occasional sloppy kiss does come his way too. Most of the time it's only a slap on the head or a poke up the nose.
A few days ago Dad was still asleep as usual and she was sitting up playing with mommies lip ice- which is her standard toy in the morning; singing and chatting away to herself. Then dad started snoring, not too loudly, but quite clearly snoring. She looked up, quite confused at the sound of this new jingle she had never heard before, carried on playing and imitated his snoring sound! Haha. I can't tell you how funny that was. She obviously can't snore but she made like a "chhhhh" sound from the back of her throat. I laughed so loud- waking up my husband, who in his half sleep had heard this copycat imitation. It was too cute for words.
Out little ones are so funny when they reach a stage of coping everything mommy and daddy, or even older siblings, do. This is why we need to be careful what do or say from now on: Something I have learnt very quickly. At 11 months My darling follows me everywhere I go, copies the sounds I make, and most of the time tries to imitate the words I say too. It's not just us she copies- she even mimics the dogs when they bark. They bark and she says "woooof". I screech: she screeches too.
I really do enjoy the copycat moments. But there comes a time when it gets a bit much.
On a hot spring day like yesterday it was nice to take my darling for a visit to the beach- where I could teach her to play in the sand. She loved it despite the sandy ears and mouth. She even copied me hitting the bucket whilst building a sand castle. Which she destroyed in seconds anyway. But it was fun to enjoy the day out to show her a bit of the world!

Sweetie Ava Enjoying the beach.

She loves the sand between her fingers and toes :)

Watching dad have a surf. GO DAD!!

Playing in the splash pool afterwards to get the sand off...

So let your little ones copy you, but beware of the things you say and do that could potentially be upsetting to you.
Until next time, enjoy your TinyTot and remember: Motherhood is a gift to be cherished!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Party Planning

So at the moment I am Planning maddams Birthday Party which will be early October. She is Turning the big ONE and I want to make it special.
Now I Know that she will have no memory or recollection of it in the future, but she is my first precious little girl and I want to make this day as special as I can. I can always show her photographs later
I want to go all out, but then I remember that even though it's my daughters party, the decor and food , lets face it, is for the adults. So no going all out as all the dads will look, think "ok cool" and head off to the TV Room for some sports entertainment and the women, well they will "Oooh" and "Aaah' all th way. Us women take note of all this effort.
So, my darling daughter is going to have a Princess party- of course. Nothing less for my Princess... I am planning on doing everything myself: Decor, Baking the famous Birthday cake (@ tiers no less) and of course Cupcakes (what's a party without cupcakes?).
There are more babies than actual children invited, so I'll have to cater for them too. That means biscuits, finger sandwhiches of marmite and cheese, flings chips etc. us moms we try stick together in the "no-sugar" zone. Although you can't avoid sugar at a party: that's like going to someone's house for tea and then not actually drinking tea.
I am looking very forawrd to this party, celebrating one whole lovely year with my first Born. She is the apple of my eye. Stay tuned for pictures and a blog of the party.

(Please note has been slighly altered for personal reasons)

Until next time, Enjoy yout TinyTot and remember: Motherhood is a gift to be cherished!
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